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We represent clients in a variety of industries in secured and unsecured loans and other investments, business transactions, mergers, asset purchases, stock redemptions, and corporate structuring.

Loans and Investments

We represent lenders and borrowers in many forms of loans and investments. To name a few, we are experts in straightforward loans secured by real estate, private equity investments, security-backed financing, and commercial leases. When you bring a transaction to us, we can counsel you on the best approach (loan vs. equity purchase, for example) to meet your goals.

Business Transactions

During the life of a successful business, the principals face a wide range of decisions and problems. And it is crucial that you be nimble and wise. We guide you through buy-ins and buy-outs, the structures and terms of your relationships with other businesses, internal governance, and succession planning.

Contentious Situations

When dealing with a delicate or contentious situation that has not risen to the level of litigation, some strategic maneuvering makes all the difference. With level heads, we work to guide our clients through delicate situations to reach a settlement before escalation to a lawsuit. That saves our clients time and money, and sometimes it saves their businesses.

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